01 – Glossary

  1. Members: refers to people who are in your Club and includes Players, Coaches, Team Managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  2. Programs: refers to a season sign-up, clinic or tournament available to you.
  3. Team/Group: refers to the team or group you are registered on.
  4. Club Admin: refers to Club Personnel like a Registrar, Treasurer, Executive Director, Board Member, etc. Club Admins have special viewing privileges in Korrio.

02 – What is Korrio?

Korrio is the developer of Playflow, a 21st-century youth sports automation platform. Korrio has a singular focus on kids and sports. Our mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that get in the way. Korrio provides the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet.

Korrio is a sports automation platform that is 100% kid centric — one that is architected around the player, so all the data that matters to that kid and his/her parents flows right into their personal Korrio dashboard.

03 – The Korrio Ecosystem

If you’re involved with youth sports, whether you’re on or off the field, Korrio will enhance and simplify your sports life. Korrio’s Playflow system understands that individuals, Teams, Clubs and Organizations are dynamic entities that have lives of their own. People, Teams, Clubs and Organizations all have a system of communication, administration and organization. In this guide you will learn how to navigate individual, Team and Club Pages.

04 – How is Korrio Integrated?

Korrio is the only solution that effectively combines administrative tools with family facing benefits — all in one platform. Studies show that over 60% of youth soccer organizations use 7 different sports automation technology tools to manage administration of their association, club, or team. They use spreadsheets for rosters. They have phone trees, stickie notes, email lists, notebooks, file folders, back up drives of data and more, to perform the administrative functions required to get players on the field. Korrio eliminates the need for multiple tools and integrates it all in the Playflow system- like registration, payment, team formation, roster management, scheduling, communication, and web hosting.

05 – How to Navigate Korrio – Personal Page

When you Login to Korrio you will land on your Personal Korrio Dashboard through which you will see everything that is important in your sporting life. The My Home tab shows your “take 5″ – the next 5 events in your sports life- where you can easily drill down into details by clicking on an event. Your Dashboard also includes everything that matters to you- new alerts, Messages and Wall posts, easy access to Gallery photos and links to your Team and Club. Everything you need in one place!

  1. Login to your Korrio account with your username and password from your Club homepage (or at
  2. Because your Personal Dashboard is very important in understanding how to navigate Korrio, we want to give you as much detail as possible. Learn more about your dasbhoard here.

06 – How to Navigate Korrio – Team Page

Korrio has created Team pages to help take your game to the next level. Never before has there been an easy and safe way for players, parents, coaches and managers to communicate off the field. This has lasting positive effect on team building, community and personal growth. Coaches and Managers can perform administration functions in their Team Pages, like Roster management and Scheduling, and our messaging system makes it possible for kids to hold pre and post game discussions, share favorite photos, compare notes and even plan events in a safe and controlled environment.

Team Page Features:

  • Team Page
  • Roster
  • Schedule
  • Wall
  • Gallery

07 – How to Navigate Korrio – Club Page

For Parents and Managers

Korrio has created Club pages because we understand that sport administrators are overburdened with administrative hassles and they need an integrated system that fits the demands of managing their Club. Their top complaints: spending too much time with poorly designed and implemented computer systems, updating websites, dealing with complex database issues and reporting, and trying to make all of the disparate pieces work together. We hear this time and again.

Club Page Features:

  • Club Home
  • Teams
  • Programs
  • Personnel
  • Schedule
  • Wall
  • Gallery

For Club Admins