Video Overview

01 – Registration Basics

At Korrio we understand that clubs, coaches and families need an intelligent, fast and accurate registration process. We have built a friendly, bright, and intuitive user interface that gives you the ability to register multiple kids for multiple programs at one time. The system will navigate you through the registration process, whether as a parent, coach or team manager, and our intelligent system will auto-fill portions of the application so that you don’t have to hassle with retyping your personal information.

Every user in Korrio must have a personal account. Parents will set up their personal accounts first in order to set up their children’s accounts second and register them for the appropriate programs.

  • Why does my child need a player account?
    • This allows your child to communicate with teammates and coaches directly. In addition, the player will have their own Korrio dashboard (add hyperlink) so they can easily view their schedule, photo gallery and team reminders. They will also build a historical record that tracks their sports life over time and sport.
    • *NOTE: Your child’s/children’s player Accounts will be deemed part of your parent Account, you will have the ability to view and delete all information on such player Accounts, and you will be fully responsible for such player Accounts.
  • Why do I need a separate parent account?
    • Again, having a personal Korrio dashboard allows you to communicate with teammates, parents, coaching personnel and your team manager directly. No longer do you need to search for email addresses!

02 – Navigating Through Registration

When you are registering for a Program in Korrio, the intelligent system will only present Programs to you that are age and gender appropriate. The system will filter out any Program that does not match your age or gender so that the registration process is clear and simple.

  • Visit your Club’s website or Korrio Homepage and select PROGRAMS on the top navigation*NOTE: Many Clubs may have a quick link on the left hand navigation that says “Register Today.”
  • You will see multiple Programs and can organize them by using the toolbar at the top to sort by Name, Age, Gender or Price. Select SIGNUP TO A PROGRAM under the Programs tab and the system will only present programs that are available to you based on age and gender. You can also choose to select SIGN UP NOW under the Program Details column.

Registering as a New User in Korrio

To ensure you don’t have an existing account, we will ask for your email address to search for one. If the system does not have your email address on file you can begin setting up new Korrio Accounts. Keep in mind you need to set up an account for yourself first before creating accounts for your child/children and after your accounts are set up you can register for the Program.

If you are not in our system, select NEXT to enter your personal information.

Fill out the form with your personal information for your Parent Account. It is important that you fill out the form completely as this is the only contact information your Club will store on file.

Important Tips when filling out Personal Information:

  • When entering your Date of Birth, select the YEAR first and then the Month and Day.
  • Be sure to enter a zip code for your address to get Driving Directions in My Schedule.
  • Create a password that is at least 8 characters long with both letters and numbers for optimal protection.

*Notice the Korrio running man on the top will highlight where you are in the registration process.

Registering yourself, your child or multiple children:

  • After you have set up your personal account you will be asked if you’d like to register yourself, in the case of a Coach, Manager or Volunteer, or your child/children. We want to help you take care of all of your registration needs at once. We give you the ability to register yourself and multiple children to a Program all during the same process.
  • If you are registering your child/children, select ADD ADDITIONAL CHILDREN and the number of children you would like to register. We will ask for information for one child before moving on to the next. When you register the individual child to a Program, only the programs that are available to them by age and gender will show up in the registration process.
  • Select the box for whom you’d like to register and it will turn green to indicate your choice.

Click here to learn how to register yourself as a Coach, Manager or Volunteer.

Creating an Account for your Child:

  1. Fill out the appropriate information for your child (notice some information will be auto-populated). Remember, if you are registering one or more children you will be asked to enter information about those children next.*NOTE: Age and gender are especially important because they dictate what programs will be available for your child.
  2. For the safety of your children, please enter their medical information in the event of an emergency and select next.*NOTE This information will only be shared with those who need it. For more information please see our Learn about Privacy Guide.

Registering your Child for a Specific Program:

Only the Programs available to your child based on age and gender will be available to them. Highlight the Program in green and select NEXT.

*Notice now the running man shows 50% complete.

Some clubs may choose to provide a Siblings Discount or add any other custom field here (determined at the Club level). Enter applicable information and select NEXT.

Additional Information:

After you have selected the Program you wish to register your child for you are nearly complete. Before finalizing your child’s registration you can add additional parent and/or guardian accounts to be associated with your child. These accounts will be for a spouse, ex-spouse, legal guardian, nanny, etc. Choose the number of guardians you’d like to add and select NEXT to begin entering their information.

If you did not select registration for yourself in the previous screen you can do so at this point by clicking the box that says you would like to apply as a Coach, Manager or Other Volunteer. For help on how to complete this process please see the Registration for Coaches, Managers and Volunteers portion.

Your Child’s Waivers and Agreements:

If you did not check any of the previous boxes you will be brought to the waivers and agreements forms that will need to be signed before your child is eligible to play. Korrio offers these in a simple, online form.

Click on the name of the waiver and a new window will pop up for you to review, read and sign.

*NOTE: You will need to scroll down through the whole waiver before you can select the box at the bottom that verifies you agree to the terms of the agreement. You will not be able to select I AGREE until the scroll bar on the right hand side of the agreement moves from the top to the bottom of the agreement. Check the box first and then select I AGREE.

Submit Payment for a Paid Program:

After you have signed all of the applicable agreements for the paid Program you are nearly finished. The final step of the Registration process is submitting payment for the Program (if the Program is free you will be sent directly to the confirmation page).

Under Method of Payment you will be presented payment options.

Pay by Check:

Select Check to pay by check. Enter your name and Billing Address.

Your Club’s address will appear on the following page along with a summary of your order. Please note your registration is NOT COMPLETE until your Club Treasurer has received your check.

You will be sent a confirmation email that indicates you have completed the registration process in Korrio but once again your registration will not be final until your payment is received.

Pay by Credit Card:

If you are paying by credit card your payment must be submitted through Paypal. A new window will pop open and you will be redirected to Paypal’s website.

Pay in Full:

  1. If you are paying in full for the Program, in Paypal you can select to pay as a “one time guest” and do not need to set up a Paypal account.

Payment Plan:

  1. If you have the option to set up an automatic payment plan (determined at Club level), you will need to create a Paypal account.
  2. After you have created a Paypal account and made a payment, Paypal will email you a receipt copy.

03 – Registration For a Coach, Manager, or Other Volunteer

  1. If you would like to apply as a volunteer, coach or manager you will need to fill out a Volunteer Application and Disclosure Statement. Fill out the information completely and select Next.
  2. Based on your age and gender any available program will be presented to you. Click the Program to highlight in green and select Next.
  3. A confirmation page will be presented to you that indicates your Coaches registration has been completed. A confirmation email will also be sent to you.

*Depending on your club you may have multiple Programs to register for (Coaches Registration, Volunteer Registration, etc).

*Please note a Club admin will review your application and roster you to a Team as a Coach, Manager or Volunteer.


  • Get faster access to Registration Page by clicking Register Today on left hand navigation.
  • When entering Date of Birth, select the YEAR first and then the Month and Day.
  • Be sure to enter a zip code for your address to get Driving Directions in My Schedule.
  • Create a password that is at least 8 characters long with both letters and numbers for optimal protection.
  • In Waivers and Agreements, make sure the right side scroll bar moves from top to bottom before checking the box and selecting I agree.