Korrio Scheduling

01 – Overview

Korrio is a sports automation platform that is 100% kid centric — one that is architected around the player, so all the data that matters to that kid and his/her parents automatically flows right into their personal Korrio dashboard. Gone are the days of having to go searching through various sites and emails to find out where you need to be.

Your schedule is where you, your family and your team can keep track of events that matter to you. Every team has a Schedule. Typically, schedules are entered at the club level by the team, Manager or Coach. Each Korrio member has a personal Schedule that includes all the events happening in your sports live. This includes your kids’ events (if you’re a parent or other guardian) and any personal events you’ve created on your own. Simple.

02 – Views

This is where you, your family and your Team can keep track of events. When you create an event it automatically flows into the Dashboards of the person or group it is for. Parents can create events for themselves and their kids and Team Managers or Coaches can create events for the Team. The best part? An event you’ve created or changed from your Personal Dashboard will populate in the Dashboard of the individuals or group it is for – to your kids, your Team Page and to all your team members. Integration at its finest.

Calendar Views

List View – shows a list of all events on the schedule.

NOTE* You can print list view by clicking on PRINT on sub menu under tab.

Calendar View – shows the schedule in a calendar format. You can mouse over events to see basic info for the event, and click on “View Event Details” to go the full details page (with coach’s notes, driving directions, etc.).

Day View – shows events for a particular day. This can be very handy if you and your family have a lot going on that day.

03 – Events

Types of events:

  • Home Game (H) — Green, viewable by anyone
  • Away Game (A) — Blue, viewable by anyone
  • Practice (P) — Orange, viewable only by the team
  • Tournament (T) — Blue, designates a tournament game, viewable by anyone.
  • Other (O) — Pink, used for other events such as team parties or fundraisers or for your personal schedule.

You can easily add personal events that will be viewable by you and your family. This can be one by going to “personal events”.

NOTE: From your personal dashboard, you are able to create an event in one place and associate that with any group that you have privileges to do so. Easy

04 – Create an Event

  • Click on Schedule tab on personal dashboard, choose “Create Event” in sub menu under tabs
  • Select “event type” and group “schedule for”
  • Add event title – this explains what it is (not required as system will auto populate both teams and date on calendar)
  • Add date, start and end times (NOTE: If you are not sure of time and you want to set a placeholder, simply enter TBD in time field) Arrival times cannot be later than start times.
  • If you want to schedule a recurring event, make your choice in the dropdown. You can make it recur on a day, weekly schedule or monthly.
  • Enter the address for the event. If an address has been used before, you may see auto-complete suggestions.
  • Enter the field type (if no field, N/A).
  • Enter the opponent, and if you like, a description of the event.
  • You can add Coach’s or Manager’s notes by clicking the link pre or post game (i.e. reminders, reacps, game tips, links, etc)
  • You can enter volunteer assignments if desired, and uniform colors as applicable.
  • Save Changes or Cancel Changes (this discards the changes just made).

05 – Edit Event

To edit, cancel, postpone or delete an event:

  • Click on event itself and go to event details
  • If you wish to edit, then click on EDIT EVENT on sub nav
    NOTE: The ability to edit and event is reserved for club or team personnel only.
  • A Canceled event remains on attendees’ schedules as “Canceled.”
  • A Postponed event remains on schedules as “Postponed.” You may want to use this if the future date is uncertain.
  • Deleting an event removes it from all schedules.
  • When you’re finished, click Save Changes (or Cancel Changes).

NOTE: If make an event changes within 24 hours of event, you are able to send URGENT update message to members of that team or club.

06 – Import Schedule

This is purely an admin tool for club or team personnel. Importing instructions are listed for upload. For more specific questions, please contact your Korrio Support Manager.

07 – Export to a Calendar

You can have your Korrio events push to your Outlook, Google, iCal, or iPhone calendar. To do this, click the “Export to a Calendar” link (under the tabs) and follow the instructions for your calendar or device. (example on the left)


Weather forecasts will show automatically for an event if a zip code has been entered as part of the address. If no zip is entered, the forecast shows as unavailable. If the event is more than three days in the future, typical weather pattern will be shown rather than a forecast.

09 – Driving Directions

To view driving directions, click on the button in Event Details.

If you’ve entered your home address in your profile, the starting address will default to your home address. If not, it will be left blank.

You can enter or change the start and end addresses and click Recalculate Route to see a new route. You can also click and drag within the map to zoom.

Korrio uses Google map for driving directions. You may easily print directions by clicking on green PRINT DIRECTIONS button.

10 – Uniform Colors

Uniform colors can be specified for each game or event. This is typically done by Team Manager.

The color choices (for light, dark and other) are set at the club level. If you need help setting your team colors, contact your club admin or Korrio Customer Manager.

11 – Volunteer Assignments

Simply enter volunteer assignment job name and the volunteer you are assigning this task to. This keeps everyone on the same page.