Quick Start

For Team Managers

Review your roster: Since your roster is at your finger-tips, ensure it’s exactly as you expect. Review player profiles.

Quick Start Instructions:

  1. Click on your team name in left column of your homepage
  2. Click on the Roster tab
  3. Review your team roster
  4. Edit positions and numbers
  5. Print your roster and take it to the game

Enter team schedule: The schedule you enter flows automatically into each player, parent & team personnel dash-board associated with your team.

Quick Start Instructions:

  1. Click on My Schedule tab
  2. Click Create Event
  3. Enter practice and game schedule, including Manager notes

Invite team to review: Communicating with your team has never been easier. Let everyone know that your schedule is ready for review and that valid directions are available for every field location.

Invite team to review:

  1. Click the My Messages tab
  2. Click Compose
  3. Type in your team name or send to just Coaches, Managers, Parents or Players
  4. Write and send your message

Be sure to remind everyone to set their Alerts and Notifications settings in their profile tab so they get your important messages!

NOTE! Since communication is so important, you should first click on MY PROFILE and configure your EDIT ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS so you receive email & text alerts just the way you want them. (Includes last minute alerts and urgent messages)