For Registrars – Club Personnel

01 – Glossary

  1. Members – refers to people who are in your Club and includes Players, Coaches, Team Managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  2. Club Admin – refers to Club Personnel, such as a Registrar or Treasurer, who has full viewing privileges in Korrio.
  3. Coach – refers to a Team Head Coach.
  4. Assistant Coach – refers to a Team Assistant Coach.
  5. Manager – refers to a Team Manager who has special viewing privileges in Korrio and facilitates Roster management as well as Team Scheduling.
  6. Other – refers to someone deemed as Club Personnel but who does not have full viewing privileges in Korrio. This could be a President, Coaching Director or Board Member who’s name you’d like on the Club Personnel page but who does not need Admin access to information.

02 – Club Personnel Profile

Korrio’s Playflow system is architected around the player and roles and objects drive our sophisticated database design. We designate roles to individuals, teams or groups that govern their ability to create or make changes in the database. At Korrio we want to give our Clubs, Organizations and Associations the tools they need to manage their system and website.

We have created the Club Personnel tab so that your organization can set viewing and administrative privileges to edit content and information for their Club. Current Club Admins can designate other members in Korrio as Club Admins, Coaches, Team Managers or “Other” roles.

The Personnel tab is also designed to list those on your Club staff and lead Korrio members to their contact information. The general public will only be able to see the name, title and profile photo of the individuals under the Personnel tab.

03 – Managing Your Club Personnel

Here you can manage your Club Personnel by adding members, editing members, removing members or printing off your Club Personnel Roster.

*NOTE: when you select any of these sub-navigations for editing, all current Personnel will be listed at the bottom of your screen. This is particularly important as you are adding and editing members because you can see who is currently on your Club Personnel staff and compare it with whom you are adding or how you are editing. For example, if you are creating job titles for your Club Personnel you will be able to see your current Staff and their titles at the bottom for reference.

Member Search

To add a member to your Club Personnel they will need to have an existing Korrio account.

  1. In the “Add Members” field you can search for them by first name, last name, or full name. You can even search by school name, city, or zip code.
  2. You can add multiple people at one time by searching “From Program” for the name of a Team or a Program. Click the dropdown arrow and you will see all Programs for your club.

Add Members

Select the green Add button in the column to the left of their name. Note that you can Add multiple people at one time.

  • The members you have selected will now be listed under Pending Additions. Here you will have the ability to set their user preferences.
  • Position: for players only
  • Number: the number you select here will correspond to their ranking position on the left hand navigation.
  • Type: select from dropdown. Here you can set Admin, Coach, Manager, Assistant Coach or Other. An example for “Other” would be a Club figure you want listed on your Personnel tab, such as a Club President, but who does not need full Admin rights to make changes in the system.
  • Title: Here you can type in your own member titles for your Personnel
  • When you have entered your desired information select Submit Changes to Current Roster (or Cancel if you wish to go back).

Edit Members

Here you can edit information for your current Club Personnel. You may choose to reset their Type, which will change what information they have access to, or change their Title. When you are finished making your desired changes select “Submit Changes to Current Roster”.

Remove Members

When you select Remove Members, a list of all your current Club Personnel will pop up. Simply select the box on the far left column under “Rmv” to remove a member. Click “Submit Changes to Current Roster”.

Import Members and Create Members

NOTE (8/1/11): The current version of Playflow does not support full functionality of the “import” and “create member” features. Please contact your Support Manager for assistance.

Print Detailed Roster

Here you can pull a Detailed Roster report that will provide contact info for your Club Personnel. Select the Detailed Roster box and enter a Title.

When you select Print the roster sheet will open in a PDF.

You can also select Export to CVS and the roster will conveniently open in Excel.