For Registrars – Create a Program

01 – Glossary

  1. Members: refers to people who are in your Club and includes Players, Coaches, Team Managers and other people who are associated with a specific team.
  2. Programs: refers to a season sign-up, clinic or tournament available to you.
  3. Team/Group: refers to the team or group you are registered on.
  4. Club Admin: refers to Club Personnel like a Registrar, Treasurer, Executive Director, Board Member, etc. Club Admins have special viewing privileges in Korrio.

02 – Registration Flow and Program Creation

Where does your club spend most of its administrative time? How do you set up tryouts, track payments, promote a clinic or camp and register coaches to your Club? We know that registration can take considerable time and energy. What’s the first step in registration? Creating a Program for people to register for. Having an intelligent, intuitive and dynamic system to set up your Programs will delight your parents and alleviate hassles during the registration process.

Gone are the days of cobbling together products from multiple vendors and using spreadsheets and emails to get the job done. Korrio’s Playflow™ system lives entirely on the web, there’s no software to install or maintain, and everything you need to set up a Program to manage your Registration process is at your fingertips.

In this Help Guide we cover:

  1. Setting Up Agreements
  2. Setting Up Adjustments
  3. Create a Program

03 – Set Up Agreements

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To add or Edit an Agreement, visit your Club Homepage and Click on Agreements.

1.  To Edit an Agreement, click on it and choose Edit this Version

2. To Create an Agreement, click Create Agreement.

3. Give your Agreement a Name choose what version you’d like your attendees to read.  In most cases you’ll want them to accept the most recent version of the Agreement.

4. You have a few different options under Agreement Type for how you’d like the Agreement to be presented to your registrants.  To see how these different options function, choose Preview Agreement on the lower left.

A. Electronic Agreement: Text – If you choose Text a pop-up text version of the Agreement will show.  If you choose Print Agreement you will be able to Download and Save the file for printing.  However, please note this only saves the text, it will not save any formatting, such as a signature line.

B. Electronic Agreement: URL – If you choose URL the agreement will be hyperlinked to a URL that will open a new window in the attendees browser.

C. Printable Agreement: Offline – This will allow a user to download or save a PDF file of the agreement so that it can be printed and signed, particularly helpful if this is an important document that coaches or managers need a hard copy of.  The Offline Agreement can be used to create printable medical release forms – please see the Helpful Hints section for more info.

5. Click Save Agreement so that it is added to your Agreement library for use when creating your programs.

04 – Set Up Adjustments

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Adjustments are discounts or donations that you can set up and add to the Registration process when you are creating a program.  For example, you can create a discount for families who register two or more children to a Program, such as a Friday night Academy camp, and encourage members to submit a donation during their season-registration to help pay for new soccer goals.

To add or Edit an Adjustment, visit your Programs page and Click on Adjustments.

1. To Edit an Adjustment choose Edit under Tools.

2. To Create an Adjustment, click Create Adjustment.
3. Name your Adjustment and enter a description for your Program attendees.  Choose the amount of the discount.

4. User can change amount: Here you can choose if you want to allow the attendee to be able to choose the amount.  For a discount, select No. If you are setting up a donation you might to provide a suggested amount but let the user change it if they’d like.

5. Type of Adjustment: Choose Fee to add a new Fee and Credit for a Discount.

6. Multi-Sibling Active: If you would like this adjustment to be active only after a particular number of siblings have signed up to programs with this adjustment, then set this value here. For example, if you would like a discount when 2 or more siblings register, then set this value to 2.

7. Set the Start Date and time as well as End Date and time for the Adjustment.  For example, you can run a discount for the first couple weeks of Registration and then close the discount when you want Registrants to pay full price.
8. You can also govern whether the Adjustment is Optional or Required.

9.  Click Save Adjustment so that it is added to your Adjustment library for use when creating your programs.

05- Creating a Program

This section will help you Create a Program for players/teams/coaches/managers to register to, such as season sign-ups, tournaments, try-outs, camps or clinics.

After you have set up your Agreements and Adjustments you can being creating your Program. From the Club Homepage click on the Programs Tab and click CREATE.


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Here you set the basic information for the Program.

A. Enter a Name for your Program
B. Set the Price by typing in a number, no need to include the $ sign.
C. You can enter a description for the Program.
D. Helpful Hint: Research shows that it is best to keep the description concise.

Type of Program: The type you choose below will create the correct registration funnel for your event. Any players that are registered to one of the 4 programs below will also be able to added to teams when you are using Team Builder.

Use one of these 4 types when creating your program.

  1. Recreational: this is a non-tryout based Program so players can opt to “return to a team” from a previous season. You can use the Roster Rollover feature to automatically reroster these players to the team they played for last year.
  2. Tryout: this is for a Club tryout and you will manually roster these players in Team Builder.
  3. Clinic: used for hosting a clinic or camp
  4. Other Individual Event: this option is used for any other event that an individual can register for.  For example, this can be used for a Coach/Team Manager registration.

F. Notify Administrators Upon Signup:

  • Want to know when individuals begin registering for your Program?  Do you have limited space and capacity?  If this box is checked, a list of your Club Administrators will pop up.  You can select who you would like to will receive a notification message whenever someone registers for this Program.
  • With this feature you will know, at the moment, who is registering for your Program.  This is handy if you’d like to keep track of your registration progress, particularly if you’d like to run a promotion such as rewarding the 10th person who registers with a gift.


*When you are finished you can move on to the next tab, which is Dates.  Please note you do NOT need to choose Save Changes as this will save and close the Program.


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There are 3 separate sets of dates you need to provide in this section.


  1. List Active Start and End Dates: This is the date range for when you would like your Program to show up on the Active Programs list.  This is particularly helpful if you would like to promote a Program well in advance without actually opening registration.
  2. Open Registration and Close Registration: These are the dates and times for opening and closing registration.
  3. Event Start and End Date: These dates relate to program scheduling functionality.


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Here you need to choose which Agreements, such as a Medical Release Waiver or a Player Code of Conduct Form, your participants must read and sign when they are registering for your program.  You can choose All Agreements or select the Agreements of your choice from the options shown.

To show no agreements, select SHOW SELECTED AGREEMENTS and click on none of the above.


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Would you like to extend a Program Welcome Message to all those who register?  This message will appear in a couple of places:

  1. Confirmation page at end of Registration
  2. Email Confirmation sent once registration is complete

*Any attachments will also be sent to Registrants email

Simply type in the information you’d like to include or use the Word import tool to bring text over from a document

You can attach a file if you have a flyer you’d like to promote, driving directions to include, etc.



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This tab establishes the restrictions that the system needs to decide who can sign up for the Program. During Registration, Korrio will only show Programs for players whose age and gender fit the restrictions you set below.

1. Gender

This dictates who is eligible to sign up for the event. “Coed” means both boys and girls.


2. Age Eligibility

Korrio allows programs for children and adults. Age Eligibility refers to child programs.  To create an adult program select Adult Only Program.

1)    All Ages: If this is NOT an Adult only program, then by picking this you are allowing anyone under the age of 18 to be registered by a parent or guardian.

*Please note: Players that will be registering that are 18 or over will need to register to and Adult only program.

2)    Sport Age (Season): Based off the US Youth Soccer cut-off date of August 1st.  By picking this you must choose what season the people will be registering for, and pick a sport age they will be in that season, for example U10.

3)    Sport Age Range (Season): Based off the US Youth Soccer cut-off date of August 1st.  By picking this you must choose what season the people are registering for and pick a sport age range that they will be in that season, for example U10-U12.

*Example: If you are opening registration for the upcoming year, 2012-2013 Season, and you put in U10-U12, then the system is looking for people that will fall into that age range in future 2012-2013 season.

4)    Sport Age (User Defined): If your club does not use the US Youth Soccer August 1st cutoff date, here you can choose your own cut-off dates. For instance if you choose the cut-off date of January 1st 2012, and then U13, the person could not be over 13 after January 1st 2012.

5)    Sport Age Range (User Defined): Same as above in an age range, for instance U13-U15.

6)    Age Range: Here you can set a minimum and maximum age.  If the player’s age is between the ranges defined at the time of registration they are eligible for the program.

7)    Birthday Date Range: Here you can set an oldest birth date, and a youngest birth date. If the player’s birth date is between the ranges defined at the time of registration then they are eligible for the program.

3. Adult Only Program




Programs for anyone 18 or over. By choosing Adult only program, anyone 18 and older must register as himself or herself. The registration process does not ask for parent information.


*Please note: Players that will be registering that are 18 or over at the time of registration will need to register to and Adult only program. (Parent can enter info as if they were their 18 year old.) After a person turns 18, they are considered an adult. One adult cannot register and agree to documents for the other adult.

4. Requires Background Check


Please refer to your State Associations policies and procedures on how to navigate this functionality.

5. Ask about Returning Team



Setting this value to Yes will display a question to users during signup asking if they’d like to return to their previous team.  As mentioned before, this is a handy tool for Recreational signups where there is no associated tryout.  A Club Registrar can view the applicants preferred Team and Roster them to that team.

6. Full Payment Required



If you set to NO you are opening up the option for payment plans.


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Is there information you need specific to your Program that is not covered in the Program template?  If so, you can add this information into the Custom Fields tab.  For example, if you need to know the t-shirt sizes of your attendees, you can make that a required field here.

Click Create New Custom Field

A. Name: This is the name the attendee will see during Registration

B. Type: You can choose multiple display formats for your custom field

  1. Text: used for attendees who just need to submit a short answer
  2. Textarea: used or attendees who need to submit a longer answer, text box field can be expanded
  3. Radio: allows you to provide a menu of choices that attendees can choose from
  4. Yes/No: provides boxes for yes/no only choices
  5. File: ability to upload a file (such as a proof of coaching certification)

C. Visibility: Do you want your text to be visible?


  1. Visible: if you’d like your attendees to answer the custom field
  2. Hidden: if you’d like your custom field to be hidden from registration

D. Description: Enter a brief description here about your custom field that will be presented to the parent during Registration

E. Required: Is this a required field?  Choose Yes or No.


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1. Attendee Maximum Count: Here you can set the maximum number of attendees


2. Attendee Waitlist Count: Here you can designate a maximum number of participants who can be put on a waitlist.   If a registrant is added to the waitlist they will only be charged for the Program when they are moved into the Active Program.


3. Unlisted Program:

If checked, the Program will not show up on the Programs Page and a user must know the URL in order to sign up.  This is a handy feature if you have a VIP or invite-only Program.

Please note this does not prevent users who find the URL from signing up, it simply hides the Program from the normal available program list.  Also, if an individual is age and gender appropriate for this Program it will be presented to them as an option during Registration.



4. Require Login to Access:



This option gives you the ability to require users to have a Korrio login in order to be able to access this Program.  The default is always set to “No” so that everyone can see details about this Program.

If this is set to “Yes”, people will see the Program listed on the Programs page but they will not be able to get into Program details unless they are logged into their Korrio accounts.

You probably DO NOT want this set to “Yes” as doing so would prevent new people from signing up to your Program.


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Here you can choose what Adjustments, such as a Donation or Discount, you’d like to add to the Program.  These Adjustments are set up and managed in the separate Adjustments tab under Programs.


Lastly, click on the “Save Changes” button. Your program is now created! It will show up in the Active Programs List when the Active Start Date is current.

04 – Additional Questions?

Is there something you’d like to include in your Program that is not in the Registration flow? Do you have a question you’d like to include, a welcome message you’d like to display or an attachment you need to send? No problem!

Please contact your Customer Manager and we will add that into your Registration flow for you. It’s that simple!