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Quick Reports

01 – Reporting Basics

Korrio gives you an easy to use, but powerful, reporting tool that will help you generate reports about players, parents, coaches, managers and much more. You will find the Reports link under your Club homepage.

Can anyone run a report?
Only Administrators are able to run reports. This ensures that only those who have the right to view the information can run a report.

What information do I have access to?
As an Administrator, you are only able to report on the information for people and teams within your Organization.

Only those with financial access rights, such as a Club Treasurer, will be able to run reports that access payment transaction information.

What kind of reports are there?
There are a set of pre-canned reports you can run under Quick Reports, which is the default page under the Reports link. All you need to do is enter in the names of players, coaches, parents, teams, etc. you want to search for and Korrio will do the rest. For this guide we will explore the Quick Report functionality.

02 – Quick Reports

In Quick Reports you can run standard reports that are grouped by Persons (or “Contact”), Financial (for Club Treasurers) and Background Check.

Please see the step-by-step instructions below on how to use the Quick Report tool.

What do you need to know?

If your report needs to be about People, choose a quick report under Contact. Notice you can find people by their Role in Korrio, by Team, by Program or according to their personal information, such as name, birth date or address.

If your report needs to be about financial transactions, choose a quick report under Financial.

What about Background Checks (also known as RMA in State of WA)?

Use the Background Checks category to pull RMA reports for Coaches.

03 – Customize Your Report

Once you choose a Quick Report a new screen will pop up where you can customize your report.

  1. FILTER ITEMS: Certain Quick Reports allow for easy filtering depending on the type of report. Here are 3 examples
    1. Example 1: Select from a drop down menu (most Quick Reports)
    2. Example 2: Type in your own description (Find People by Name)
    3. Example 3: In-put a calendar date (Background Checks)
  2. + ADD A NEW FILTER: In any report, if you want to apply filters that do not come standard with the report you have chosen, you can use the ADD A NEW FILTER tool. This tool provides you the ability to chose from a wide variety of Korrio’s fields for players, teams, and programs, among others.
  3. *HELPFUL HINT: Start with the question “what is it I need to find?”Example answer: I need to find all male players in my club.
    • Step 1: Start the sentence- “I need to find people by Role AND…”
    • Step 2: CHOOSE YOUR FIELD, or subject, for your sentence. “I need to find players and their GENDER…
    • Step 3: SELECT YOUR COMPARISON… their gender EQUALS…
    • Step 4: ENTER YOUR VALUE…finish your sentence….type in MALE
    • +Your report will now pull all male players in your club!
  4. VISIBLE COLUMNS: This is the “show me” part of the report. In the example above you decided you wanted to find all male players. Now you can decide what information about them you need.Choose your Columns from the STANDARD, GROUP, TRANSACTION, RMA and OTHER Tabs.
    1. You can check or uncheck the boxes to add or remove a column.
    2. You can click and drag the boxes out of Visible Columns to remove them from the report.
    3. Click and drag your boxes to arrange in the order you’d like them displayed.
    4. +To see how this is done, please watch our How to Video
  5. RUN REPORT: When you are finished, click Run Report.
  6. REPORT OPTION: Now that you’ve extracted the information, decide what you want to do with it.
    1. To Save/Print to PDF- type in a title that best describes your report and select Print to save the file as a PDF to your computer
    2. Export to CSV- gives you ability to save your report and open in an Excel format.
    3. Email from Report- please see our Help Video for more information

04 – Helpful Hints For Quick Reports You Run Frequently

Do you have reports that you need to run on a regular basis? Instead of running a Quick Report each time you need this report, you can save the coding (or sentence) and enter it into Power Reports.


After you have run a Quick Report you will see a link just above Run Report that says View Power Reports. This will display the coding that the system used to find your report. Copy and paste the full sentence and save on your computer in a safe place for a later date (Word doc or Excel file).

Automatically inserted into POWER REPORT