For Registrars – Roster Rollover

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Roster Rollover

01 – Glossary

  1. Team Shell: refers to the Team details such as name, description, colors, season dates, gender and age. A team shell does not include players.
  2. Shell Rollover: ability of the system to automatically copy all team details but increase age eligibility and season dates for the upcoming year.
  3. Roster: refers to all the player’s on a team from a current or past season.
  4. Rostering: the act of adding players to teams using Team Builder.
  5. Team Builder: a tool for adding and removing players to team shells for rostering.

Important Notes:

  • This feature is designed for recreational teams that will not build their rosters through tryouts.
  • Do not use the Roster Rollover feature if you’ve already begun manually rostering players onto teams.

02 – Find Team Shells for Roster Rollover


From your Club homepage, click on the TEAMS tab.

First you will need to filter by find Gender, Age Eligibility and Season to find the Team rosters you’d like to rollover.

  1. Gender:


You can filter teams by male or female for gender specific teams or ALL to see all teams. If you choose COED it will only display teams that were set up as coed.  

     2. Age Eligibility:

Make sure to choose the exact same age parameters that you chose when you created the teams that you are looking for. The system will only pull teams that match the age settings you set before. Also note that you do not need to include letters when specifying the sport age. For example, type in 13 for under 13.

     3. Season:

The dates that show here are the same dates that you set your “Season Start” and “Season End” dates to when you rolled over your teams. These teams should all be in a Pending, or future, season.

03 – Find Players by Program

Once you have found your team shells, select the Program from the dropdown that has the players you need to roster.

04 – Roster Rollover

Select ROSTER ROLLOVER to automatically roster players who asked to return to the team they played for last season.

**This button is only shown if:

  • You used the Team Shell rollover feature prior to this to create teams fort he upcoming season
  • Players in the program have selected to return to the team they were on last season
  • Last year’s rosters are already in the system

          1.  Player Roll Over

A popup window called PLAYER ROLL OVER will appear to confirm the roster rollover for any player registered by the date and time specified. The current time and date will be the default but you can adjust to suit your needs.

          2.  Roll Over Players

Select ROLL OVER PLAYERS and you will receive a confirmation of the numbers of players who have been rolled over. This action may take a minute or two depending on the size of your player pool.

Remember only players who asked to be rostered to last year’s team will be added automatically.  The rest of the players will remain in the player pool for you to roster however you’d like.

**You can now roster the remaining players in your player pool by using the drag and drop method we show in the Team Builder guide.