For Registrars – Team Shell Rollover

General Tasks

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Team Shell Rollover

01 – Glossary

  1. Team Shell: refers to the Team details such as name, description, colors, season dates, gender and age. A team shell does not include players.
  2. Sport Age: age of players based on the U.S. Youth Soccer yearly cutoff date of August 1st.
  3. Shell Rollover: ability of the system to automatically copy all team details but increase age eligibility and season dates for the upcoming year.

02 – Find Teams

From your Club homepage, click on the TEAMS tab.

First you will need to filter by find Gender, Age Eligibility and Season to find the teams you’d like to rollover.

  1. Gender:


You can filter teams by male or female for gender specific teams or ALL to see all teams. If you choose COED it will only display teams that were set up as coed.  

     2. Age Eligibility:

The Sport Age needs to match the current or historical season and age or age range for the teams you are looking for. Note that you do not need to include letters when specifying the sport age. For example, type in 12 for under 12.

     3. Season:

The dates that show here are the same dates that you set your “Season Start” and “Season End” dates to when you created your teams.

Remember that you are searching for teams that are either Active or Historical because you are rolling over rosters for teams that are currently playing or played a previous season.

03 – Shell Rollover

Select the boxes next to the team names for one ones you’d like to rollover.  Select SHELL ROLLOVER.

     1. Age Eligibility:

If you increase age eligibility it will move up by one year, for instance from U12 to U13. You can also choose not to increase age eligibility.

     2. Season Start Date and Season End Date:

You can automatically increase the Season Start and Season End Dates, which will keep the same month and day for Start and End but increase by one year. You can also tell the system to let you choose new start and end dates or just keep them the same.


C. Select ROLL OVER and you will see a pop-up confirmation that your teams have been successfully rolled over.


The teams you have rolled over will now be listed under Pending Teams with a new sport age and in a future season.