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Open position: Software Developer

You’re perfect for this job if:

  • You tell your backend developer friends that you like to make magic happen with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, and you tell your front end developer friends you prefer to get dirty with PHP and SQL.
  • You do your own electrical.
  • You think Windows is a perfectly good operating system — confined to a Fusion window.
  • You like loud music in the workplace whether it’s The Melvins, Justin Bieber, or Pinback.
  • When other developers begin debating the merits of .net vs php vs java vs ruby you take the side of COBOL.
  • You play Ultimate Frisbee with the Marketing Department, Ping Pong with the Developers and Softball with the CEO.
  • You think a day is not complete unless you learned something new and taught someone something new.
  • You think code should be self documenting — which is why you document some of your code.
  • When the CEO announces he’s gonna run a background check on everyone in the company, you say bring it on.
  • You’re looking for your next opportunity to build something new and exciting with a team of other entrepreneurs.
  • You think this is funny:

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