Why Korrio is Cool


Korrio is a sports automation platform that is 100% kid centric — one that is architected around the player, so all the data that matters to that kid and his/her parents flows right into their personal Korrio dashboard.


Korrio is the only solution that effectively combines administrative tools with family facing benefits — all in one platform. Ok, now lets talk about the power of how the platform works. One club registrar enters field addresses into Korrio and that single task alone, benefits many.


We don't take privacy lightly. In fact, we have patent pending privacy technology combined with full SSL (secure socket layer) encryption on every web page and hosted site — making Korrio's community the safest online. Now players can build off the field community to help take their game to the next level.


Keeping up in today's fast paced world can be challenging if not supported by automation that fits the lifestyle of modern families. Korrio allows up to the minute changes to be sent right to your mobile device. More sport one Less hassle.

Combined Club Administration with Family Facing Benefits

Most clubs use multiple products for registration, communication and web site hosting. They use spreadsheets for rosters. They have phone trees, stickie notes, email lists, notebooks, file folders, back up drives of data and more, to perform the administrative functions required to get players on the field.

Ok, now think about the family facing side of things like scheduling, communication and social tools needed to make it easy for players and parents to keep up. Korrio has the broadest set of tools that enable groups — both small and large — to effectively communicate.

Korrio spent years figuring all of this out, to create one place that finally does it all.

How it Works?

Korrio was developed from the ground up with integration between 'back office' functions like registration and scheduling with player information at the forefront of the design. This results in a streamlined system that doesn't need to duplicate information, thus ensuring all information is completely in sync all the time.

Furthermore, the user interface was thoughtfully designed to hide the complexity of the sophisticated database — making it intuitive for all Korrio users (other systems require multiple steps and multiple products to achieve task). Korrio can do it all with a single click, such as creating a schedule in one place and having all the games be instantly viewable for all players, parents and coaches on their respective Korrio dashboard.

Tailored For You

Rather than having to look in multiple locations to find all of the information you need in your sports life, Korrio knows who you are, and your relationship to those in your sports life, and auto-generates a personal dashboard for every user.

Your dashboard is oriented around what you care about most. The more kids you have, and the more sports they play, the more it pulls it all together for you to make your life easier.

Everything is right at your fingertips, whether it's directions, weather, contact info, or volunteer assignments for the game, its all automatically pushed to your dashboard. Gone are the days of searching for answers and game info — Korrio delivers it — straight to your desktop or mobile device.

How it Works?

Korrio's database design is built on roles and objects. Each user is defined in the system to have a particular set of relationships and privileges. Korrio's engine identifies new content in real-time and immediately delivers it directly to the appropriate players, parents, coaches, managers and administrators.

The Player is the Center of the Korrio Universe

In Korrio's Playflow platform, the player is the center of the universe, and why not? After all, the player is the one constant.

Playflow follows that player throughout time, regardless of which team they are on or which sport they are playing. Not only do we create a career sports profile for the player, (including pictures and documents that chronicle their success), but we also build a web of relationships emanating outwards from the player.

Since Playflow tightly integrates the admin process for the sports organization, we know that player's parents, teammates, coach, team manager, etc. for every team they play on. Korrio then enforces robust privacy policies surrounding that player. Completely kid centric.

How it Works?

Roles and objects drive our sophisticated database design. The player, as the central object in Korrio, is able to keep track of all activities the player is involved with year after year after year.

Through its intricate database schema, Korrio is able to retrieve any information about the player that occurred in any playing year. However, the most recent and most pertinent information is always updated in real-time to the player's home page and profile.

The Work of One Benefits Many

Imagine that it's state tournament time of the year — and the state office enters the schedule of the tournament games into the Korrio platform. Korrio, being as smart as it is — knows what teams are involved and who is associated with each of those clubs and teams — players, parents, coaches, team managers.

The schedule flows directly into everyone's personal Korrio dashboard — automatically. No one has to go searching for information or enter data. This is just one of many areas where Korrio enables the actions of ONE to immediately benefit ALL.

How it Works?

Korrio's database is built upon an object model. Information can be created and stored once as an 'object', and then everyone who has the appropriate privilege can access that same piece of information without creating a new copy.

In this example, the game is an object, the team is an object, and each Player/Parent/Coach/Manger is an object. The Korrio database intelligently connects these objects so that any change made to one is appropriately disseminated to all user types in real-time, and that information is shown on a user's personal korrio dashboard or sent to them via e-mail, text or even a voice mail.

Keep Kids Safe on The Internet

Unfortunately, gaping holes exist in many youth sports programs. Kids' personal information can be exposed to the public easily. Korrio uses state-of-the-art privacy technology, combined with full SSL encryption on every web page — making our community one of the safest online.

Our patent pending system uses a privacy policy engine that makes it simple and safe for members. Korrio decides what a visitor can see based on their role (i.e. parent, coach, team manager, registrar or teammate). We know who everyone is and how they are connected to the player. Protecting the player is our top goal.

How it Works?

Our platform uses roles and objects in its design. Every child object in Korrio is associated with one or more parent objects. Through this relationship, parents automatically have access and control of all their children's information. Additionally, the child object is associated with coaches, managers, registrars and teammate objects.

Through complex coding, the appropriate level of information is made viewable to the right people at the right time thus ensuring a player's personal information is only viewable by those that have the right to view it.

Every web page and hosted site is also fully SSL encrypted. Every time you register or update your profile information, your data is protected.

Building off-the-Field Community

Korrio helps take the game of soccer to the next level. Never before has there been an easy and safe way for players and parents to communicate off the field. This has lasting positive effect on team building, community and personal growth.

Since Korrio provides a messaging platform, we make it possible for kids who don't have email access to hold pre and post game discussions, share favorite photos, compare notes and even plan events — in a safe and controlled environment that is only viewed by teammates and parents. No doubt this will strengthen the team, club and overall soccer community. Game changing technology.

How it Works?

Communication is critical for success, both on and off the field. Korrio has developed a messaging system that automatically knows who you need to message most — your teammates, friends, coaches and managers, and club officials.

Since Korrio knows who you are related to through its object model, you don't even need to keep track of email addresses anymore. And with privacy enhanced features, the photo gallery and wall easily allows you to share thoughts & memories with others. Korrio's technology continues to be on the leading edge — providing tools that this generation of players rely on!