All for sports!

Kristine Lilly talks about spring preparation

Spring is coming. I think? For those of you on the east coast, especially Boston, I know you guys are probably ready for the warm sun and seeing grass. Well I know all those soccer players out there are ready to get outside and get a touch on the ball. This is a great time to get reacquainted with the soccer ball if you have taken some time off.

A good way to start to do that if you are on your own is to do some juggling. Everyone thinks it’s the number that is so important but what I love about juggling is that it helps with your ball control and gives you confidence on the ball. Plus it is such an easy thing to do if you don’t have a buddy around.

When I was training on my own, I used to start off my workouts by doing 100 with just my feet, 100 just with my thighs and then I was ready to go. You wouldn’t believe how many times I got to 98/99 and then it dropped. I’d be so mad but I would pick it up again and start over.

I also used the springtime to do some cross training as well. Fitness was the background of my career and I liked to do different types of workouts. I would have to change up my workouts because I would go crazy doing the same things all year. I loved doing stadiums. Running stairs helped me stay fit. I would go up and down a row 5-10 times then go to the next row and do it again. Back in the day, it was probably about 30-40 minutes long but now I have cut it back to about 20 minutes. Yes I still do stadiums! (These rows aren’t the college football size these are more like high school stadiums)

Now, if you were like me at all, springtime also meant baseball/softball season. I played all sports growing up and in high school I played soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and softball in the spring. I couldn’t wait to see the snow melt and smell the grass so I could get ready for softball season. Playing other sports was also another way to keep me fit and ready for soccer.

Whatever the spring holds for you, take time to smell the flowers!