All for sports!

Who was your most influential coach in youth sports?

Did someone come to mind instantly? I know my high school basketball coach was the first one to pop into my head. I learned things from that experience that I still call upon in my professional career today.  For me, it all came down to hard work and effort. He instilled confidence, made it fun and inspired each of us to be the best teammate possible.

Youth sports is key to so many life lessons. Those of us who participated in sports our entire life know firsthand how sports has impacted our lives – and continues to do so each day through our kids. I attended a PCA coaching workshop last night at Endicott College and it made me think about the role of a coach at every age level. I have had experiences coaching from kindergarden to high school – but one thing remains consistent – serving the needs of young people.  The two questions that were asked first was “Who was your most influential coach in youth sports? Why?”  It made you think and want to be that person.

One of the reasons I love working at Korrio so much is because we are trying to transform youth sports by giving everyone a way to organize and share their sports life. We want to put the focus on the kids and having fun. Like PCA, our goal is to make sports all that it should be in the lives of young athletes.

I urge each of you to get this book published by Positive Coaching Alliance called “The power of double-goal coaching”. It’s about developing winners in sports and life. Ahhhh, the glory of sports, hard work and competition.

Key take away:  Try to be better today then you were yesterday. Let’s all commit to this way of thinking for ourselves and the athletes we have the privilege of coaching.