What makes Korrio unique?

Information flows automatically & securely between
your sports organization, team and individual member dashboards.
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Common Examples:

Updating schedules
When a club imports game and practice schedules into Korrio, they automatically flow to every member’s dashboard and mobile calendar.

Your organization can easily send communication to any group by role or relationship, because everything is connected.

Profiles stay current
Members can update contact info in their profile – and it auto updates throughout the system.

Last minute changes
Team manager updates an event and the system sends alerts (email, robo-call or text) to everyone associated with event.

Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple products from multiple vendors to get the job done. Korrio combines registration, team formation, scheduling, communication, club/team web hosting and mobile access – all in one integrated platform. See how it works.

What are the pain points in your sports organization? Let Korrio help!

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